Find out what Breikers can do for you! Request free mobility advice

Find out what Breikers can do for you! Request free mobility advice

Tailor-made mobility

Every organisation is different. That’s why we always deliver tailor-made mobility. We can offer you advice that perfectly matches your specific situation, aims and needs. Independent and expert advice that is completely free of charge

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Breikers for employers

Tailor-made advice

We are a willing sparring partner

The tailor-made advice offered by our Breikers consultants will help you to achieve your goals in relation to smart and sustainable mobility & logistics.

  • Working from home
  • Savings in costs
  • Leasing
  • Parking
  • Laws & regulations
  • Electric vehicles
  • Cycling incentives
  • Smaller fleet
  • Flexible working
  • Improved accessibility
  • Removals
  • Subsidies
  • Mobility budgets
  • Public transport
  • VAT
  • CO2 emissions
  • Vitality
  • Behavioural change
  • Logistics

How do they do that?
If you wish, we can also put you in touch with other businesses who are trying to become smarter and more sustainable with regard to mobility or who have already succeeded in doing so. What obstacles did they encounter and how did they overcome them? Which useful tips can they give you?

Achieving a concrete result in six steps
Together we work towards a concrete result by following six steps , with plenty of room for individual adjustments along the way. To achieve this you can avail of the free advice provided by 40 Breikers consultants!

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Employers step-by-step plan

First meeting

We discuss your current mobility situation and needs and find out what we can do for your organisation.


We assess your current policy on mobility and the mobility profiles of your employees. If you wish, we can also assess your flow of goods.

Inspiration session

Together with all of the relevant parties in your organisation, we discuss examples of other employers who have been successful in making their mobility smarter and more sustainable. Which steps would suit your organisation?

Plan of action

We develop a plan of action that is both future-proof and optimally aligned with the needs and opportunities in your organisation. The plan will contain clear goals and tasks and a timeframe. Attention will also be paid to the behavioural aspects attached to your new mobility policy.


During implementation our consultants will offer whatever support and help they can, such as when you are selecting suppliers or in relation to internal communication.

Evaluation and follow-up

After six months we will evaluate the new mobility policy and assess its effectiveness. Additional support can then be provided where desired or required.

Answers to all of your questions

Yes, every organisation can contact us for advice. Advice that is always tailor-made, independent and free of charge. Our whitepapers and inspirational events are also free. Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with all developments.

Yes, experience has shown us that a tailor-made approach always produces the best results. For example, a postal code scan, workshops and meetings aimed at sharing knowledge on specific areas. The work involved is often spread out over several weeks or even months because implementing changes in an organisation is a time-consuming process. We generally try to involve as many people in the organisation as possible in the project. We can even help with the initial phase of implementation if required. It is all about achieving tangible results. Drawing up a report that will only end up in the bottom of a drawer is of no value to anyone.  

Our work is paid for by the government’s Building Accessibility Together programme. Because the advice we provide benefits not only you as an employer but also society as a whole. Together with the employers that we advise, we help to reduce the number of kilometres travelled, tackle traffic congestion, make savings on time, reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions, and improve the accessibility of businesses in the Amsterdam region. The results speak for themselves.

Breikers is an employer-driven network that was established by the employers associations VNO-NCW and Oram in order to improve the accessibility of organisations and, as a result, safeguard the business climate in the region. We also endeavour to support businesses with regard to new laws & regulations and mobility. It is your motives with regard to mobility that always form the basis of the advice we offer. Because the better we are able to meet those motives, the more sustainable the solutions we can provide. While generating a ‘social profit’ at the same time too.

Each project is a unique challenge. Individual projects may differ greatly in terms of location, numbers of staff and corporate culture, as well as in which steps the organisation has already taken, but generally speaking we follow the same 6 steps in order to deliver a concrete result;

First meeting: what do you want to achieve?

Benchmark: what does your current mobility situation look like (incl. postal code analysis)

Inspiration session(s): what is possible, what matches your own goals?

Improvement plan: based on our shared knowledge, your corporate culture and your needs

Implementation: support for implementation of plan and evaluation of results

Evaluation: including a follow-up session if required

Yes. We have a rich store of in-house knowledge on how to save on costs, laws & regulations, investment allowance, electric vehicles, LEVVs, subsidies, CO2 emissions, charging infrastructure, logistics hubs and sustainable business practices. Our consultants can provide independent and cost-free advice to employers in these areas too! With our handy calculator you can find out the savings your business can make by using electric vehicles. It can also be used to compare vehicles with each other so that you can be sure you are making the right choice.

Yes, there are! In fact, we hire our consultants through those agencies. But in our case it is Breikers and not the employer who pays the bill. This means that we are a stimulating force in the market, as opposed to a disruptive one.

No. We are in no way connected with any (commercial) suppliers. This is strictly monitored because we are funded by the government. And whenever our advice points in the direction of a certain product or service, we always try to provide an alternative as well.

Use the contact form on our website. We will then contact you to discuss your project. This can often be done in the very short term. We will discuss the plan of action together and find out which of our consultants best matches your needs.